3 Reasons To Add Emergency Roadside Assistance Coverage To Your Auto Insurance

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Every auto insurance policy is different, primarily because people have different needs, types of cars, and coverage amounts. As you review your auto insurance policy, it might be wise for you to consider adding emergency roadside assistance coverage to it if you do not already have it. This is not a mandatory type of coverage, but here are three reasons you should consider getting it.

It's Affordable

The first thing to understand is that roadside assistance coverage is very affordable. You can purchase this type of coverage from various sources, including auto insurance companies. While the prices vary, you should be able to find a policy that costs no more than $4 per month. At this price, you will pay less than $50 per year to have coverage in case of emergencies.

It Offers A Lot Of Coverage

Emergency roadside assistance insurance coverage is something you will hopefully never have to use; however, you will be very glad you have it if you ever do need to use it. With this type of coverage, you can call for help if you experience any type of problem while you are traveling. If you experience a problem, you can call the insurance company and they will send help. Here are some of the common types of problems this insurance covers:

  • Stalled car
  • Locked out of car
  • Flat tire
  • Gas tank empty
  • Stuck in the snow or had an accident
  • Dead battery

If any of these problems occur while you are traveling, help is only a phone call away. The best part is that you will not have to pay full price for the help. Your insurance will cover some or all of the costs of the services, depending on your plan.

It Offers Peace Of Mind And Less Stress

Imagine if you ever encounter one of these issues while you are driving somewhere. What would you do? What if you are alone? Who would you call? If the thought of this scares you, having emergency roadside coverage should be something you get right away. Having this coverage offers peace of mind and less stress during situations that could otherwise be very scary, stressful, and expensive.

If you do not have this type of coverage right now but want to get it, contact an auto insurance company, such as Northeast Insurance Agency. They can give you a quote for coverage and will tell you exactly what your policy covers.