Four Reasons To Use An Insurance Agency For All Of Your Policies

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An insurance agency, also referred to as a broker, is like a middleman between the customer who buys the policy and the insurance company that underwrites the policy. There are many advantages to using an agency like United Counties Insurance Group versus going directly to an insurance carrier for a policy. The following are just a few of them.

You can buy all of your insurance from a single agent

There is seldom a single insurance company that will offer you everything you and your family need, and when you do find one, they are not likely to have the best rates for each policy that you are looking to buy. Insurance companies have their specialties like companies in other areas of business do. However, when you go to an insurance agency, there will be a wide range of insurance carriers that the agent works with. So regardless of the type of policies you need, you will be able to buy everything through a single insurance agent.

You can get better deals

This may seem counterintuitive because you are using a middleman, but insurance carriers offer large discounts to insurance agencies, so the policies are often as good or better than you would get going direct. In addition, an agent will know, based upon your needs, which company will likely offer the best deal for a policy. This may mean that you get, for example, a car insurance policy from one carrier, but a life insurance policy from another. But this will reflect a combined lower cost for all of your insurance policies.

Insurance agents will work for you

Insurance agencies are staffed by men and women who are licensed to sell insurance, and therefore, are experts at what they do. They are not simply selling policies. They are there working on your behalf if there is a problem you are having with an insurance carrier. And because they offer policies from multiple insurance carriers, you can address all of your insurance issues through a single insurance broker who will be your advocate.

Insurance agents are your consultants

Over time, your insurance needs will change. But if you are buying your polices through a broker, he or she can speak to you about your current needs because of changes that have taken place in your life. Unlike speaking to an insurance carrier that only provides a portion of your policies, a broker can take a look at the bigger picture because all of your insurance policies can be examined in total, and the best approach to provide optimal coverage for your current situation can be readily determined.

The best way to get an idea of what to expect from an insurance agency is to gather up your policies and get a quote from a broker for all of your insurance requirements.