Multi-Car Discount On Auto Insurance: 3 Things To Know

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If you do not know a lot about car insurance, you might not understand what a multi-car discount is and how it affects your policy. Knowing this can be helpful to you, especially if you have several cars. Here are three important things to understand about multi-car discounts:

It is available for people with more than one car

A multi-car discount is a discount offered by insurance companies to people who have multiple cars insured on the same policy. People generally place all the cars they own on one policy, simply because it is more convenient to have cars insured with the same company, rather than having different companies for coverage on each car, and insurance companies give discounts for this.

It is the most common type of discount offered

A multi-car discount is actually the most common type of discount offered by insurance companies, and this is because many families have at least two cars. All it takes to qualify for this discount is owning and insuring at least two cars on the same policy. If you have four or five cars, you will receive a discount for the insurance costs on each of the cars you own if you insure them all with the same company, as you would automatically qualify for the multi-car discount.

It is why many people insure their cars on the same policy

The other thing you should realize is that if you have a child who drives or a parent that lives with you who drives, these individuals could get their own policies for their auto insurance coverage; however, it is better for them to get their insurance through your policy. If you add these other drivers to your policy, you will all get discounts on your insurance costs, and most companies will let you add a driver to your policy as long as he or she lives with you. If the person does not live with you, it might not be possible to include them on your policy.

It is also important to know that when you add other drivers to your policy and their cars, you can choose individual coverage for each car. In other words, you do not all have to carry the same coverage types and amounts.

In addition to qualifying for this common policy, you might want to also ask your insurance agent if you qualify for other types of common discounts, such as a safe-driver discount, low-mileage discount, or an automatic payment discount. For more information, visit sites like