How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance

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Finding a way to slash monthly reoccurring household bills is important for many families. Auto expenses are one area that cannot be completely slashed from the budget. Staying compliant with active insurance is mandatory when driving on public roadways. Here are a few tips for finding cheap auto insurance rates. 

Add More Members

Placing multiple members of the family on the same policy can lead to a lower rate. Cheap auto insurance rates can work well for married couples and their children. Relatives connected genetically or through marriage that live in the same home and own a vehicle can share a policy. High school or college students who drive who are doing well in school can receive student discounts. Insurance companies may request a report card that reflects an overall average of a B or better or those who are in the top twenty percent to give a discount.

Understand Your Record

Having knowledge of the driving record of everyone on the policy is important. When a spouse or family member gets a ticket, the rate for insurance will go up. It is important to know what the ticket was for and what can be done to lower the rate. Depending on what the violation was, defensive driving classes may reduce the monthly rates. This course can be done online instead of in crowded defensive driving classrooms. The insurance company may charge a small fee for hosting the online course. 

Drive Close to Home

If the number of miles driven each month has drastically been cut due to working from home, let the cheap auto insurance carrier know about it. Discounts are available for people who work from home and those who have a short commute close to home.

Use Additional Services

Discounts are generally available for policyholders that choose to add on additional services. These policies could be for another car, boat, recreational vehicle, renter's insurance, homeowner's insurance, or motorcycle insurance. When in doubt about which additional services are offered, simply call and ask. Insurance policies carried with multiple providers can be combined for added discounts. Further savings will apply to policies that are paid in full every six months or year. 

Look for discounts available with any groups that the policyholder participates in. This could be discounts for civil servants, teachers, university alumni, or working for a specific employer. Inquire about services on the auto policy that can be reduced for additional savings. 

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