Auto Insurance: Do You Need Medical Payment Coverage?

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If you already have full coverage on your vehicle, you may not think you need anything else right now. If you tend to drive with passengers in your car, you may need medical payment coverage as well. Medical payment coverage pays the medical bills and other expenses you and your passengers may incur if they become injured in your car. Learn more about medical payment coverage and why you need it below.

What's Medical Payment Coverage?

Many states may or may not require drivers to obtain medical payment coverage, or MedPay, on their auto insurance policies. Some states include medical payment coverage in their auto liability coverage. However, the MedPay provided through auto liability insurance coverage may not cover a driver's passengers. If your passengers become injured in your vehicle, they may need to pay their medical bills themselves.

Medical payment coverage ensures you, your passengers, and anyone else involved in your accidents receive the care they need to get well. The coverage covers all types of injuries and medical treatments, including X-rays and emergency surgery. The supplement may also cover you and your passengers' therapy and chiropractor treatments.

If you think medical payment coverage could benefit you, find coverage today.

How Do You Obtain Medical Payment Coverage?

If your auto insurance agent or provider doesn't offer medical payment coverage to customers, contact a provider who does offer it. You'll need to have a copy of your current auto insurance policy on hand when you contact a provider. A provider will need to know if your current coverage meets your overall needs.

Some insurance policies don't cover customers completely. The policies may not cover the cost of repairs for auto bodywork, vandalism, and other unforeseen problems. If your coverage doesn't meet all of your needs, consider switching companies.

If your current auto coverage is sufficient enough to meet your needs, an insurer may quote you different prices for your coverage. After you find the supplemental coverage you need, choose the payment method that works best for you. You may choose to make monthly payments on your coverage, or you may choose to pay the full amount of your coverage right away. 

Your coverage may or may not take effect right away. An agent or provider can go over your policy coverage and when it takes effect after you contact them.

You can find the medical payment coverage you need by contacting an auto insurance provider or agent today.